Assembly Line: Create your own assembly line and manage them!

Assembly Line: Create your own assembly line and manage them!

There are useless and scary games on the conveyor belt.

To get the most out of it, you need to build the best assembly line. There are many types of machines that can help you succeed, but you must use them strategically.

Get rich quick by building the best assembly line! The plan is simple: create resources and sell them. Start with a basic machine and build basic resources, using more advanced machines you will design and build more complex assets

When you turn off, the machines are running and collecting revenue, so when you come back you will have a lot of money to swim. Like Scrooge MacDesk! 🙂

Making money is yours, assembly line is a useless game, but combining awesome and tactical elements gives you a lot of opportunities to make money.

The config line also has an information menu where you can read information about each machine and resource so you can decide how to configure the line.
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Can you build a self-sufficient factory and not go bankrupt? When you play this game, you win this game.

“I like making forklifts.” – Lenoir

The factory manufactures crafts, resource management and clinker. Buy raw materials, prepare goods for sale at a profit, and gradually launch Craft Chain into more complex products. Innovative products are called builders, and they can develop your products. There is also a builder who produces more and more.

“You need mood” – Richard

The factory includes two application purchases, one support service and one shipping package. Most players will never need this, in fact when you run out of money you can start with a real budget. However, if you only need a small pit to live in, you will need to save yourself. Also, if you want to start production, one kit can save you time.

This game was created primarily for hobbies and impresses you with one click.
A real paradise awaits you for those who love automation:

  • Bright and juicy graphics
  • More than 20 different devices
  • Dozens of drawings to improve tools
  • Produces more than 30 product names
  • More than 70 types of sports
  • Hundreds of components to improve tools and crafts
  • Ability to create complex production chains

From mining and processing ore to electrical work, schemes, assembly of motorcycles and equipment, manufacture of various tools with one assembly machine.
Collect speakers, hair dryers, refrigerators and even a supercomputer!

In the next update, we’ll make this game even better!
Our factory simulator coming soon:

  • New generators
  • New equipment
  • Animation from all devices
  • New opportunities to improve equipment
    Multi-block devices
  • Direct market

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